Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sights In and Around Quartzsite, AZ

January is a busy and crowded time in Quartzsite. There are all kinds of special shows besides the 1500+ vendors this year selling any and everything that you can imagine. It may seem that it focuses on the RV lifestyle and the gem and mineral hobbists but there is something for everyone.
 I have been taking pictures of various things as they catch my eye. I stepped out my door last week only to see that we had been in X marks the spot. I guess the fly boys out of Edwards Airforce Base were practicing their sky writing.

Camels tie into much of Quartzsite's history. You will find various images all over town. This one has been around for many years and was just recently given a new paint job. Yes it is made up of car wheels.

This home made camper was spotted at the library parking lot. I never did find the driver but I suspect it was a woman since the bumper sticker read: Alaskan Girls Kick A$$

Another unusual RV was found parked at Tyson Wells show ground. It is made of a huge redwood log. Signs on it declare it was 1900 years old when cut down and was 267 feet tall the base was 14 feet across. This was the fourth log to be cut from the tree.

The interior is all hand crafted from the tree's redwood.

This is a close-up of the exterior showing the bark and the banding for support. Notice the burl.

And then....there is the loved and cared for antique....

These folks advertise that this is the Adult Day-Care. They must be doing a great job because there were a lot of smiling people sitting around.

I fell for these morrocan lamps displayed at a booth but managed to walk away without one.

The Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTR) met up in the Dome Rock area for a 14 day gathering. It is an informal group of folk who live and travel in recreational vehicles from vans and small trailers to motor homes. This man entertained one evening after dinner.

When the wind was calm there were nightly campfires to sit around and share tales.

An evening view of Quartzsite looking north-east from Dome Rock.

It seems that the sunsets try to be better every evening.

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